2017 Dodge Journey SXT Price

2017 Dodge Journey SXT Price -The 2017 Dodge Journey soldiers on as an antique of the past in lots of methods. This budget-friendly crossover with offered three-row seating debuted back in 2009, and it hasn’t received a complete redesign considering that. Its advancing age is most apparent in the engine bay, where the Journey’s base engine is getting on in years and does not have the performance, improvement and oomph of its more contemporary counterparts. It also comes paired with an outdated four-speed automatic transmission; smooth-shifting six-speed automatics are now the standard. You can likewise discover fault in the method the Dodge Journey SXT drives, as the Journey feels soft and ponderous around turns that the majority of rivals would manage deftly. One brilliant area is the optional V6 engine. So equipped, the Journey accelerates more assertively than many budget-priced crossovers, and fuel economy is hardly affected.

2017 Dodge Journey SXT Review

Throw in the available 8.4-inch touchscreen– a long time favorite of ours– and the optional third-row seat and rear entertainment system, and you have actually got a pretty rewarding household automobile that must still cost less than you anticipate. Overall, however, the 2017 Dodge Journey SXT stays an extremely blended bag, so we suggest taking a close appearance at other designs. It can get rather expensive, it likewise comes in two- or three-row requirements and offers superior handling, functions and interior improvement.

2017 Dodge Journey SXT Exterior

2017 Dodge Journey SXT
Dodge Journey SXT Exterior

With the 2017 Journey from Dodge, its 192.4-inch length goes beyond much of the competition, however, Dodge’s designers have provided it exterior treatments such as the chrome-trimmed cross-hair grille and captivating aluminum-alloy wheel options that keep it from being merely boring. For a tougher-looking version, there’s the Dodge Journey Crossroad, which includes a synthetic skidplate, basic roof rails, and blacked-out wheels.

2017 Dodge Journey SXT Interior

The 2017 Dodge Journey SXT cabin is available in a 2-row, 5-passenger design or as a 3-row, 7-passenger setup. Guest area for adults is commendable up front and excellent in the second row, but legroom is extremely tight in the third row, which is finest left for kids or periodic usage. One of the finest functions of the Journey is its offered Uconnect infotainment system. In addition to a big and user-friendly 8.4-inch touch screen focused in the dash, there are supplementary buttons for environment and audio that are easy to see and utilize. The 2017 Dodge Journey is one of the most versatile and ingenious SUVs anywhere when it comes to freight management. There are hidden storage bins beneath the 2nd-row flooring and another under the front-passenger seat, which likewise folds flat, allowing cargo to fit right up to the dashboard’s edge.

2017 Dodge Journey SXT Engine

2 engines are readily available for Dodge’s 2017 Journey crossover SUV. The engine we advise is the 283-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 that is optional on all, however, the GT trim, where it is standard. If you require all-wheel drive (AWD) instead of the basic front-wheel-drive (FWD) to deal with inclement weather condition and slippery roadways, the V6 is also your only option. Both engines operate on regular unleaded fuel. All Dodge Journeys utilize automated transmissions, with the 4-cylinder stuck to an older-style 4-speed and the 6-cylinder utilizing a more contemporary 6-speed. The Journey’s towing capability is on the light end, limited to 1,000 pounds with the 4-cylinder and 2,500 with the V6.

2017 Dodge Journey SXT Performance

Though labeled an SUV, Dodge’s 2017 Journey is truly a comfy crossover SUV with an extremely car-like temperament. The Journey’s unibody building and construction and innovative suspension help it absorb roadway imperfections, and take on tight turns with ease, making this 7-passenger crossover SUV feel more like a high station wagon. We value the Journey’s upright seating position and found the front seats to be comfy and encouraging, after driving cross countries. In twisting turns, the 2017 Dodge Journey SXT steering feels precise and the wheel perfectly weighted. There is lean when pushed hard, but it’s not as extreme as one might experience in a truck-based SUV. That job is best left to the optional 283-horsepower V6 with 6-speed transmission, which offers exceptional power yet handles almost similar fuel-economy estimates as the smaller sized 4-cylinder.

2017 Dodge Journey SXT Price

For 2017, the Dodge Journey has a starting just under $22,300, including location charge. Mid-level versions such as the 2017 Dodge Journey SXT and Crossroad remain in the mid- to upper-$ 20,000 variety, while a top-line GT version with AWD reaches the mid-$ 30,000 level.

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