2018 Dodge Challenger ADR

2018 Dodge Challenger ADR – The prototypes for the new range of Challenger, which is above the Hellcat, SRT has been seen doing testing on the streets of Michigan ahead of the launch of the market by the year 2017. This will make it a model of 2018. The prototype wearing standard body panels however prominent rubber not wrong again.

Dodge Challenger suggests the first wide-body when launched the Challenger GT AWD concept on 2015 SEMA event. The concept of this system displays all-wheel-drive from the Dodge Charger but under the hood the car is lame duck 5.7 liter V-8 from Chrysler Fiat Automobiles.

2018 Dodge Challenger ADR Models

2018 Dodge Challenger ADR is expected to be the last hurrah for the current Challenger before the redesigned model, based on the platform of Giorgio which are lighter and more dynamic that debuted at the Alfa Romeo Giulia, making his return. The next generation of the car might even have the option of conversion using the name of Barracuda.

2018 Dodge Challenger ADR
Dodge Challenger ADR Exterior

2018 Dodge Challenger ADR Engine

Fortunately, the prototype is considered different from the concept. We heard there are at least two options for the widebody Challenger, though there is certainly a lot more. Two of which we hear is the car’s all-wheel-drive, equipped with the 3.6-liter V-6 entry-level car, plus a high-performance virtual machine that comes with a 6.8-liter V-8 engine and rear-wheel drive supercharged Hellcat. only. The car’s all-wheel-drive is aimed at people in the Snowbelt. The V-8 is thought to have ruled out due to the constraints of tight and packing and torque from your system all-wheel-drive, though at least with the attraction of extra cars will be merged throughout the year.

2018 Dodge Challenger ADR Performance

As for the high-performance car, it expected could be a new model called the Dodge Challenger ADR (American Drag Racer). This will be driving the rear wheels, with extra rubber in there help lower power hell Hellcat. We even heard that output could hit beyond the maximum rating 707-horsepower today.

 Source: motorauthority

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