2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon – News about the Dodge Challenger 2018 is latch dragstrip 808-hp are outrageous, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, which is certified by the National Hot Rod Association as the fastest production as far as a quarter mile in the world. Demon capable of generating 840 hp and torque 770 lb-ft on a high-octane fuel is high-octane.

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon Review

2018 Dodge Challenger likely will be present with a choice of four options the previous machine in conjunction with the addition of a new Supercharged engine Demon. V-6 engine and a Demon can only be paired with an automatic transmission in eight remaining option acceleration and the engine has a six-speed manual is available. Power is transferred to the rear wheels with the exception of the GT model all-wheel-drive GT-2017. So we have the official info about the rest of the Dodge Challenger list non-Demon 2018, we will update this space.

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon Engine

Engine and transmission: supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 automatic eight-acceleration, Power: hp/808 717 lb-ft (91-octane gas), 840 hp/770 lb-ft (fuel producing high-octane 100-plus) Equipped with the driver’s seat, the new SRT Demon built for the dragstrip. Even so, front passenger and rear seats can be purchased for $1 each. Demon wheels diameter 11 inches with 18 times the radius of the radical legalering 315-40R18 Nitto (at the four corners) and compound NTO 5R. The owner can order personalized with Demon crate name buyer, VIN, and serial number. The crate that could fit in the trunk and contains bullet aluminum narrow front runners for use of tracks, equipment, jacks, and part performance such as powertrain control module that allows the engine to operate on fuel high octane-fueled. This is the first factory production car with suspension Drag mode, the Drag mode that helps prevent steering wheel, and the largest functional hood on the car-sized production 42.5 inches square. On the surface drag is ready, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon claims can reach 60 mph in 2.1 seconds, a figure 100 mph 5.1, and reached the quarter-miles in 9.65 seconds at speeds of 140 mph (making it illegal to race on the track without roll cages, not offered by Dodge).

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon Interior Features

As the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon takes its place at the top of the lineup, the Dodge Challenger lineup of performance must continue to offer many packages and other options when you consider the cars with horsepower under 800 hp. model 2017, Blacktop package consisting of alloy Gloss Black 20 inch, black grille with the badge of Blacktop, Blacktop double lines at the top of the hood to trunk coupe, steering wheel performance interior accents, and Gloss Black. Package Classic R/T Hyper Black aluminum wheels featuring 20 inches, seat sport Nappa leather with luxurious suede inserts, HID lights, and Challenger script emblem with black side stripes or red double. Expect to see interior features such as the latest edition of the infotainment system Dodge Uconnect in addition to the features available such as Harman Kardon premium audio system, remote start, heated front seats and/ventilated.

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon Safety

Choose the Technology Group will likely return and Your Dodge Challenger will be equipped with Headlamp High Beam Control system, Automatic windshield wipers Wiper Sensitizer Sensitive Sensitivity, Adaptive speed control (not available with a manual transmission), and Forward Collision Warning. Blind Spot Monitoring and rear view mirror camera is an extra safety feature.

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