2018 Ram Heavy Duty Rumors

2018 Ram Heavy Duty Rumors –¬†We just recently captured a peek at Ram engineers checking a dualie pickup with some curious camouflage, suggesting the company will be providing its hard-working trucks a small cosmetic facelift within a model year. As the images of the 4500/5500 chassis cab suggests, the truck’s taxi and interior will likely stay the same, with changes focusing on the front fascia of the 2018 Ram Heavy Duty.

2018 Ram Heavy Duty Rumors

We could also be taking a look at images of a mechanically updated Ram, especially since the current torque champ will deal with stiff competition from the all-new Ford F-Series Super Task and newish-and-improved Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra HD in the next couple of months. We ‘d anticipate higher power and torque ratings from all versions of the Ram’s 6.7 L Cummins I-6 diesel if that were the case. Currently, the engine family is available in 3 states of tune depending on exactly what transmission is picked, with power varying from 350 to 385 hp and torque from 660 to 900 lb-ft.

2018 Ram Heavy Duty
Source: Trucktrend.com

By the way, Ram will push a full redesign of the light-duty 1500 pickup out to customers for the 2018 design year, leading us to believe the cosmetic changes of the 2018 Ram Heavy Duty will be indicated to establish family hints with the all-new 1500. To that end, we think Ram will continue to use the crosshairs grille design for a long time, as the spy pictures clearly reveal the timeless design cue behind the black camo.

Generally, durable trucks are revamped about a year after their lighter-weight brethren, so we expect an absolutely new 2018 Ram Heavy Duty by the close of the decade. Up until then, there will be this cosmetic refresh to keep Cummins and Hemi fans delighted.

Source: Trucktrend

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