2018 RAM Power Wagon Review

2018 RAM Power Wagon Review -The Power Wagon has one of the longest in American automotive history. What originally began as a vehicle to defeat the Axis in World War II, the former Dodge RAM Power Wagon arrives at the market in 1946 with the aim to bring its customers on an extraordinary adventure. Now 71 years old, and some disjointed generation later, RAM Power Wagon continues to deliver on that promise-but with the power and technology that much higher.

2018 RAM Power Wagon Review

On the wheelbase measuring 149.3 inches, there is no doubt that the 2018 RAM Power Wagon is a big pickup. Based on Ram HD 2500 4 × 4 Crew Cab, off-road-capable trucks just come with a bed sized 6 foot 4 inches so far 237.3 inches. With 14.3 inches of ground clearance, it is difficult for journalists as tall as 6 feet is to dive into the cabin without having to lift my body – but it is partially due to side-step have been issued. Because of the Power Wagon was built to spend most of his time off-road, Ram wrapped it in 2-inch lift suspension system unique which consists of the articulation of three sides of the front and rear axle suspension and the suspension of eight-link Bilstein monotube shocks and integrated for better. the control shaft. Added to that is the front stabilizer panel delivered electronically which allows articulation axle car more accessories. Although the Power Wagon is designed to conquer the wild outside, he also has a towing capacity of 10,030 pounds and can carry a payload 1,510 pounds.

2018 RAM Power Wagon Review
RAM Power Wagon Exterior

To test the newest addition to RAM, we headed to Logandale Trails, about an hour outside of Las Vegas. Located adjacent to the Valley of fire, its level is the playground of the dunes, rocks, and steep hills. Before making the dusty truck, Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tire pressure 33 inch thrown up to 30 psi of on-road recommended 65 psi. So got the thumbs up from our guide, Nena Barlow of Barlow Adventures, we are ready to begin our rumble of off-road.

2018 RAM Power Wagon Engine

A little input on the throttle brings quick answers from the Hemi V-8 6.4 liters. With 410 hp and torque 429 lb-ft engine under the hood of a vast, our caravans direct spewing dust. The only transmission available is six automatic acceleration. But once connected to part-time transfer box, it allows us to enable High-Level 4WD for a better appeal in the sand. Over the terrain began to change from sand to stone and narrow walkways, the width of the Power Wagon became glaring, and we all hit the branches that frame the walkways. Climbing the steep hill was an attempt to Power Wagon, but the decline is even easier with the hill descent control, a system that lets the driver control the speed of the truck without touching the throttle or brake pedal. By using the buttons on the column shift, the driver can choose the speed of the truck down, and apply the brake pressure to the fourth wheel to slowly guide the truck weighing 7,000 pounds to the rugged terrain. The driver only need to steer the steering wheel.

2018 RAM Power Wagon Performance

Being able to lock the front and rear give the difference of the 2018 RAM Power Wagon large profits while rock crawling. In Low 4WD and with anti-roll bar is disconnected, we slowly climbed a few seconds before it felt could not be bypassed. With the perspective of 33.6 degrees, we avoid (almost) hit the rocks, and the articulation of the shaft allows our giant trucks crawl to 150 turbulent Hill before reaching the finish line. There is no drama. RAM Power Wagon makes rock crawling up easily. Throttle input is small and stable moving truck slowly enough to avoid obstacles; Bilstein shocks to minimize movement of the cabin, and the suspension Articulink gives additional articulation for better crawling performance. Although one will only use electricity 12,000-pound winch behind front bumper in an emergency, Barlow doing the action with one of the crews of the Toyota 4Runners. Operate the winch is simple thanks to the controller that is mounted on the front bumper.

2018 RAM Power Wagon Price

With a starting price of around $53,000, the 2018 RAM Power Wagon is not cheap price. But that’s typical for the truck market lately. If you add stuff to it, such as Leather and Luxury package ($4.995), Cargo View Camera that is located next to the stop lights ($345), and the RamBox Cargo Management System ($1.295), you will end up close to our Testers $60,000 Sign covers more toys than on it, rings in $62,610.

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